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Throughout my adult life, my passion, professional engagements and career have been consistently focused on public service, policy and leadership. In my 20-year career as a public servant, I have successfully applied my leadership skills to a variety of roles that have yielded real and positive change for our community. I am ready to continue that same service which has been the most rewarding experience for myself and my family. I am a highly skilled and civically motivated possessing a strong commitment to community, public advocacy and service.
In my civic duties, I have always provided leadership ranging from the organization of educational activities and trainings to informational public forums and meetings for both private and public entities. Throughout that time, I have been a dynamic and visionary leader as well as a solid team player with a proven track record of successful collaboration with my elected colleagues, professional staff and community partners.
Through this work, I have developed a high level of connectivity and proactive representation for our community. I have also proven to be a trustworthy and innovative professional which has helped me develop and maintain strong, meaningful & lasting relationships with key members of our community. I am committed to showcasing my leadership qualities as part of my efforts to drive the most advantageous results for the community I love to serve.


“AZ House State Represcntative-Legislativo District 29.
“AZ State House of Representatives- AZ/Mexico Legislativo International Trade Committee Member.
“AZ State House of Representatives-Government and Financial Instítutions Legislativo Commníttces.
National Hispanic Council of Latino State Legislators; International Relations Immigration Committce Chair.
Legislativo District 29 Democrats-Secretary, 2011, 2012.
Legislativo District 13 Democrats-Vice Chair, 2009-2010.
Legislativo District 13 Democrats- Chair, 2008-2009.
Cartwright School District Governing Board-President, 2010 10 2012.
Cartwright School District Governing Board- Board Clerk 2007-2008.
Cartwright School District Govcming Board Member- 2002-2008.
City of Phoenix Human Service Commission- Vice-Chair-2010.
City of Phoenix Human Services Commission-Chair-201 1.
City of Phoenix; Maryvale Village Planning Committec-Board Merber-2008-2017.
City of Phacnix- West Phoenix Metro Light Rail Commitice.
City of Phoenix Chief of Police- Hispanic Advisory Board Member-2000-2016.
City of Phoenix Neighborhood Services; Blight Buster Voluntcor (Recognized for most hows)-2008-2010.
City of Phoenix Community Services und Senior Services Committcc Member- 2010-2014.
Meryvale Weed and Sced- Stccring Committec Member-2008-2010.
Maryvale Weed and Sccd-Law Enforcement Sub Commitce-2008-2010.
Maryvale Weed and Secd- Neighborhood Preservation Sub Committcc-2008-2010.
Maryvale YMCA Bourd of Directors-Vice Chair- 2009.
Maryvale Partnerships in Action-Stocring Committee Meriber-2008-2010.
Maryvale Adolescent Providers Partnership- Co-Chair-2008-2010.
Maryvalc; Pride Ncighorhood Association Board Member-2007-2015.
Maryvale Block Watch Village Alliance-Meribcr-2008-2010.
Native American Community Organizing Project -Founding Board Memiber-2000-2003.
“AZ School Board Association-Member since 2003-current.
“AZ School Board Association-Hispanic Caucus and Black Caucus Member.
“AZ School Board Associstion-Recognition for Master Cluster level of Governance Trainingras of January 2016.
Council of Urban Boards of Education (CUBE) — Member-2003-2016.
Council of Urtan Boards of Education (CUBE) – Racial Isolation Task Forec-2008.
Council of Urtan Boards of Education (CUBE) -Stcering Committce Selcction-2010.
National School Board Association; Hispanic Council-Chair Elect-2016-2018.
National School Boards; Hispanic Caucus- Pacific Director- 2010-current.
National School Boards; Hispanic Caucus-Secretary-2012-2016.
National School Boards Hispanic Council Commitices-Fundraising, Membership, Bosrés se Resolutions, Bylaws, and Programming.
National School Boards Hispanic Council- Board Retreats: 2010-2017.
National Association of Latino Elected Ofñicials, (N.A.L.E.O)-Member (17 yr9).
National Association of Latino Elected Officials, (N.A.L.E.0) – Education Task Force memberNational Association of Latino Electcd Oficial, (N-A.L.E.0)- Board Member 2017-2018.
“AZ Coalition for Migrant Rights (Founding Board Member)-2006
“AZ Somos Ámirica Coalition-Founder-2006.
Mexico Secretary of Relations Abrosd; Institute for Mexicans Abroad (IME) – Advisory Board Member to the Republic of Mexico.
President(Bisnational) 2003-2005, 2009-2011.

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