Candidate for House of Representatives-Legislative District 24


We must increase our resources and be willing to make the tough changes when things aren’t working - so that our children have the needed resources to succeed


We must continue to increase funding for our healthcare industry so that people have access to necessary services without the fear of being given an unaffordable bill.


Small businesses are the very back bone of our local community. We must work together to make sure that all businesses have the resources needed to continue thriving so that our community thrives with them.


I will continue to fight to direct more resources that our community needs to repair our districts infrastructure, and to afford every member the assurance of safety.


Phoenix has too few homes to meet demand, which is shooting up the price to buy or rent - at the risk of our economy and our quality of life. We need quality housing across the price spectrum and throughout the Valley. However, before getting to the solution, we need to understand how we got to this crisis. We need experienced leadership that understands the connection between housing and economic development and job-creation.

Candidate Info

Lydia Hernandez is the daughter of migrant farmworkers, born in South Texas. Her resilient path began at a young age as a migrant coupled with her parents’ insistence on the importance of education are the key components that created Lydia’s hunger for knowledge. She is a graduate of Baylor University. In Arizona, (1993), she grew into a leadership role with Valley Interfaith Project as a grassroots leader, organizing public actions.

Lydia Hernández

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